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Originally Posted by elementalg20 View Post
That's about the best point I've scene made in the thread lol. Obviously, they look a fair amount alike, but who cares? China makes an suv that looks like an X5 do you suppose they compare other than looks?

Lets see how the bike performs on the road, hopefully Triumph did the work, and its performance, comfort, and reliability will speak for itself. I for one hope it's cheaper, as or more reliable, as comfortable, and hides some of its darn weight, I'm sure the explorer motor will work great. I for one am more concerned about its weight than its bmw esque cosmetics.

K1300GT "fully fueled read to ride" 288kg Trophy 1200 "ready to ride" 301kg

Anyone else see that not being a good thing for the triumph? Not saying I won't possibly buy one some day.....just been nice if it was alot lighter.

Now on the other hand, if that measly 13kg is such a big deal, put two less gallons of petrol in the tank or join Jenny Craigs weight loss program. Or take less luggage. This is realy a moot point if you think logically about it. Get a skinnier girlfriend.
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