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Originally Posted by K@in View Post
I'm waiting for the price...
What's the cost for this bike ? 13000 / 15000 $/US ?
I'd be surprised to see it come in much cheaper than 15000 Euro. The list price on the current 990 is 13795 in Germany. I can't see KTM bringing in all those electronic goodies to the consumer for less than that.

The trend in the market along with bigger, is more expensive. Welcome to the Harley-ization of the dual sport / adventure bike segment.

The fact that you can drop nearly 20k Euro on an R1200GS or over 20k on a Ducati multistrada, making the KTM look like a bargain in comparison, is small consolation when that 15k is around 4k too much for most people which when the Euro Crash really kicks into gear, will be the case more and more often.
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