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Originally Posted by trailwing View Post
Furthermore... I'm pissed a greedy dealers who drive up sales prices and fees.
Not exactly what you meant, but here's my example: I needed a little threaded adjuster for the chain on a Honda CB350. Called the dealer literally down the street from me that my Dad bought his bikes from. Not in stock (okay, it was a 20 year old bike at the time) and can order it but it will cost $x.xx. On a whim I held off and called the next closest dealer in a small town 20 minutes away. In stock, and the price was 10% less. Now, it's a part that only cost a few dollars, but I did the math and realized the 'local' dealer was marking up everything 10% over Honda suggested retail. So who do you think I'm going to purchase all my parts from in the future?

Oh, and let's not even factor in the difference in phone conversations (first dealer: long wait, indifferent. Second dealer: bright and cheerful, "We'll put your name on it so it doesn't get sold before you get here").
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