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A tale of two dealers

First story; Blue Moon Cycle, Norcross, GA.

I used to work on a lot of old airheads. When I retired, I lost the house with the large lot and the 3 car garage and workshop. I moved to a beach cottage with no garage. What to do with all those old parts? I read that Blue Moon Cycle had a Fall Flea Market and you could bring anything and sell it for free in their parking lot. I loaded my 2500HD 8 ft. bed with parts and headed to Georgia. I arrived Friday afternoon and John told me to go ahead and unload my truck onto the grass. He said I could camp in my truck in their lower lot. I unloaded, set up my Sport Tent in the bed and settled in for the night. At closing, a mechanic yelled over the fence and tossed me an extension cord so I could have power for the night. I sold over $1700 in parts and had a SWB frame and engine left over. John gave me a fair price for it so I would not have to load it back up and haul it back home.

Same dealer, last Fall; I was scouting for a rally site for a large rally when I noticed I had worn the front tire on my R1100RT to the threads. The restaurant near the field I had camped in had internet. I emailed the service department at 7 AM and told them what I needed. I proceeded very carefully to Norcross. Blue Moon had a new Z8 waiting for me. In and out in less than an hour...$200 total cost.

Different dealer, Asheville, NC. I rode the K100 to the Old's Cool Rally. The battery went out on the way up. I figured no big deal. I would not turn the bike off until I got to the rally site and would get a jump the next morning. After all, Asheville had a NEW BMW dealer.

I got a jump Saturday morning and rode to Eurosport Asheville. I left the bike running in the lot and walked to the parts counter. "I need a battery for a K100." Parts girl goes to the computer. "What year and model is your bike?" It is a K100 I say. "What year?' WTF? All K 100 BMWs take the same battery. Parts girl, "We don't have it in stock; but I can order it; should be here by Wednesday." I walk away in disgust and see tow guys unloading their bikes. I asked them if there was a real motorcycle shop in town. They directed me down the street to Mottorrad Unlimnited. I knew when I walked in that I was in the right place. I asked if they had a battery for the K100. The gentleman said hold on a minute; I might have one. He came back with a battery, but after he took it out of the box, he said, "no, the terminals will not work for you." Then he did what REAL serviced-oriented merchants do; he called around and found a battery for me. He gave me good directions to Battery Plus. They were waiting on me with a charged AGM. When I asked if I could use their lot to change my battery, they said of course. As I was laying out my tools, they came out with a large piece of cardboard for me to use so I would not get dirty. When I finished, they gave me GoJo and a cleaning rag to wash my hands. Oh yes, the battery was $78 dollars LESS than the BMW dealer wanted for the battery.

Guess who will get my business in the future?
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