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Wow!! 11 pages+, quite a thread. Wish I had this much info (and sympathy?) when I shattered my ankle years ago.

Early 70's, Kawi 750 Triple, tight decreasing radius turn with huge frost heaves before the apex. And a squid with more balls than ability in the saddle.

Went screaming into this unknown turn and blew it. Too much brake way too late and those big frost heaves in the pavement totally upset the bike,resulting in a big high side get off. Slide several yards across the pavement, off into the weeds where my outstretched right leg met with a good sized boulder in the weeds. Complete arrest of speed, all absorbed by the ankle. Protective gear?? "Shit, we don't need no protective gear...we're young and stupid". Levi's, Levi jacket, tennis shoes. and an early Bell full face helmet, 'bout the only good peice of gear on. Bonked my head a good one, but the helmet did it's job. Lesson learned there.

Net result was a heel cup and ankle shattered in a gazillion pieces. X-rays looked like 3 ice cubes in a baggie thrown at a wall, what a mess!! Reconstructive surgery, 2 screws and 2 casts, 6 months later finally off the crutches. Doctor informed me that the two most complex joints in the body are the ankle and wrists because of the many small bones. Reminded me because of this, said they are the most painful and longest to heal fractures one can endure. He was right, hurt like the dickens.

Recovery similar to the other inmates comments. Ankle swollen like a grapefruit, tender as hell and the better part of 10 years before I could say it was fully healed and pain free. It's one of those things that stays with you for a LONG time.

But, there is an upside to all this. You know the old wive's tale of ability to predict weather, "I can feel it in my bones, it's gonna rain". Yup, I'm more accurate than the talking heads on TV now!!!!
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