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Ok folks,

I have just committed , or maybe I have just been committed, (godda luv the English as it is spoke) to returning to our Southern States to see how things are going (how many bites will I get?)

It's been a long time between drinks of Tui.
I can still remember why they don't bother to export it!

Enough shit stirring, I'm coming over again with my R80GS that spat me off and tried to kill me on your wonderful roads in Dec 08, arriving in CC the weekend before Burt Munro's Speed Festival, then after,making my way north to cross into Wellington before Christmas, Wanaguni (sp?) Boxing Day, then make my way to the BMW rally somewhere in the middle.
No bloody details on their website yet, via a little excursion into some area's that the public have not seen, since JC played for the All Blacks.

Look forward to catching up with some of you.

PS Don't bother trying the Bledsloe(sp?) angle on me, I follow real football.
Go the Roo's

Youse so called footbal guys couldn't go 2 rounds with a revolving door
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