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I really don't want this to end!!!!

07/08/12 Sunday continued

Just doin my job mister!

From Bill:

Onto our campsite for the night.
Just N of Pinedale WY. Freemont Lake cg

Reno had gone on walkabout ahead of us and was waiting at a brewpub in Pinedale. Here is where Scott dealt with my cranky ass perfectly.
After another full day of riding, I was friggin beat!! As we met up with Lonestar, and were waiting for Reno, I got uh... impatient and said something exactly like: "this is the time of day when I loose my capacity for putting up with any fucking around". By now Scott has become a god in my eyes because he said "Just go, Just GO" meaning go to the campground and (stfu you whining baby) PERFECT solution, thank you Sir! I got to pick another campsite!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!

More WY and ID next.
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