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Originally Posted by shadowarrior View Post
Call up my local Kawasaki dealer to order some parts for my zrx. Some new girl picks up the call, and i ask for this guy who i have dealt with for the last three years. He knows me and all my bikes. But instead the girl gets all aggro and calls me sexist.

Her: "Why do you need to talk to him? Just because i am a girl you think i don't know about bikes?"
Me: "no, it's just because he knows me and have always ordered my parts through him"
Girl: "just tell me what you need.."
Me: "ok, i need a, b, c, x, y, z for my 2001 Kawasaki zrx 1200"
Girl: "you mean zx12r"
Me: "nope, zrx 1200s"
Girl: "you must be reading it wrong"
Me: "nope, i know my bike, it's a zrx, not a ninja"
Girl: "nah, check your bike, it should say the model number, or bring it over and we will identify the bike for you"
Me: (hangs up) (facepalm)
I had a similar experience ordering parts for my S15 truck about 1983. So I drive down to the dealer, found the GM who I sort of knew and told him the story. He smiled and asked me if I minded calling her again, give her the VIN, from his office. She basically could not use the computer or look up things. Told me the part I wanted was not available. I was putting in stereo, needed some plastic parts non radio equipped trucks did not have. Now this lady was highly ornamental. Not only did she get the axe, so did the idiot that hired her.. When I bought my SS a few years later, I got a real good deal.

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