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i got one too

I was looking for a new bike- i have a DRZ supermoto and i figure i can change that to a full bore adventure bike- but i was looking for a fun all arounder with more go and show than the old honda Cb750.
Monster- didn't like the fit, Diavel- great but so expensive- even tried my old GS500E, and a Z1000 (great ride, but not 'timeless' enough.
the triumphs- love them but after riding the thruxton- i was so underwhelmed i went home dejected.
i test rode the XR1200X on a whim- it fit.
it fit perfect for me- the reach to the bars, the motor, the positive shifting, the side stand is goofy, but what a blast!
it handles better than the honda CB- and every bike i test rode. (not the diavel but close IMHO)
it flat out rips in canyons and around town, it is the anti harley- you can chill on it, but it is a great barn burner, and canyon runner-
Just terrific the wieght? it must be dimensional- because it feels nothing close to a GS1200/1150 Bandit 1250 or anything like that.
it really is a timeless looking keeper.
bought it sunday with 26 miles on theODO-
by sunday night when i rolled in I had 223miles. not bad. can't wait to swap pipes and lose some wieght but
what a hoot
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