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Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post

I guess it depends on whether the fuel-economy is as crappola as the 950/990. At 45mpg 6 gallons looks just fine.
Yes it looks fine @ 45mpg, who's KTM gets that? (Bring on the three guys who will claim their bikes do, it's not the rule it's the exception.) I couldn't find much on the RC8 consumption numbers but I did see 35mpg at constant throttle. If it's detuned it should get slightly better mileage. I would think 42-43mpg at constant throttle. Ride it hard and it will probably drop to normal KTM 36-38 I think I can get my SE down in the high 20's if I try.

Since its fuel injected the 24 liters is probably not usable capacity with pump and filters. I think it will be a nice bike and a good alternative for folks looking for a Multistrada with more dirt capability. Maybe I'll buy one once the bugs are squashed, it only took me 7 years to try the 950.....

It would make a nice two-up tourer with the misses. Combined we weigh in at 270lbs, I bet 150hp would move us around nicely.
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