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Close to $9 per gallon here in The Netherlands. :(

It won't stop me from riding the 950. After all, when you calculate all the money you throw in the bike and bike related stuff, a price difference between $5 or $9 a gallon isn't an ultra spectacular difference in yearly operating cost. The same story with 30mpg vs 45mpg. The extra fuel cost almost drowns in the money spent on bike writeoff, insurance, maintenance, repair, tyres, clothing, food and drinks on a ride, farkles, etcetera.

Besides that, fuel mileage of the 950 is still better than that of most cars that are not boring to the bone.

My problem with the fuel thirst of the 950 is range. I can do 250-300km on a tankfull of fuel (onroad). When riding on the backroads on a sunday, this means that after only 180km or so I can start looking for a gas station. I hate that.
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