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I think the thing that was killing us was all of the stops, it seemed like every 20 min something was braking or someone was hitting the ground. Again it didn't help that it was 115 degrees out and we all started the trip not eating enough, along with the 2200 mile drive not moving in the truck for four days and jumping into the ride with 3 hours of sleep might have been a bad call. But hindsight is always 20/20, looking back we all made it out and got a good look at just how hard this race is going to be!! When Scott and I first decided to run this race I thought it would be tuff but I had know idea just how tuff. I have been riding all of my life and never thought that it would kick my butt like it did that first day!

I have never been in riding in deep sand and didn't even know what the hell a sand whoop was..."I did tell you that Allan" The riding in Baja was like nothing like I have ever seen!!! I have so much more respect for the guys that have been running this race, and the solo guys are just nuts!!!! After some great teaching points from John and Allan, getting the rear suspension setup right, and knocking the rust off it was so much better!!! We also found that the bars needed to be raised about 3" to help with standing riding position on Elvis. We also got the GPR in now so that is going to be a big help with the sand.

After the first day everything started to fall into place, we started getting in the grove and everything started clicking for us. I would like to also add that by the end of the ride you would never know that it was only the 2nd time Scott was on a dirt bike!! It was amazing to see, every day was like a new guy on the bike!!!
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