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Originally Posted by JGNC View Post
I thought the GSXR shocks were shorter and that's what caused the issue?

Lets make sure we're on the same page.

You said:

Originally Posted by JGNC View Post
My '03 nekked has a '04 GSXR 750 front end with the stock rear
The stock rear. Is it a stock SV shock or a stock GSXR shock?

In my experience (whatever that is worth) when I put a 2000ish GSXR600 shock on my 2000 SV650 it jacked the rear up quite a lot. I'm fairly certain a GSXR shock (at least early 2000 models) is longer than an SV shock.

Having typed all that, when I put a Penske on my 2000 SV race bike (my second SV) it was light years better than the GSXR shock. If you end up replacing your shock I would suggest an aftermarket.
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