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Day 1

Auburn CA to the desert near Austin NV.

Donner Pass

I actually pulled over off the tarmac to take this picture, almost makes it look like I'm riding all the way to CO in the dirt which I'm not. I'm such a tool.

Scouting for a good place to camp and running out of light.

Shortly after taking this picture, the sun goes down, starts getting dark.. I pass a sign that says Warning Antelope.. Not the sign you want to see as the sun is going down. 5 minutes later I hit a jackrabbit going between 80-90, damn near crapped my pants. The bike had no problems with the impact, didn't lose control, just had one hell of a speed bump. What I will say about hitting a jackrabbit is it's probably similar to hitting a water balloon full of blood. I found blood all over the front of my bike, on my pants and some even hit my visor. Poor little bastard.. After that unnerving experience, I'm camping at the next road.

Tomorrow: Austin to some place in Utah.
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