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Originally Posted by jeepinbanditrider View Post
They're pretty easy to change. A 10mm socket and something to turn it with, the underseat torx drive to remove the body work, and some snips to cut the zip ties with. It's defiantly an easy parking lot job if you have to do it, but having a garage and some beer handy sure is nice

I had mine replaced in about an hour or two all said and done. You do have to solder some wires together on the Rick's unit though it doesn't come with the connector so you have to cut your old connector off and go from there. The instructions say NOT to use crimp connectors. Not sure why guess the possibility of them coming loose that way.

The longest part of the job to me was soldering the connector cause I suck at soldering. Probably should have just said screw it and used good 3M connectors instead but oh well.

We'll see how long the Rick's unit lasts. Hopefully as long as my stock unit.
Yep, what jeepinbanditrider said. I didnt have any soldering equipment or new gasket so I just twisted and taped the wires and used the original gasket to get me through the trip. Now I'm going to have to go back in to do it right but at least I have some beer this time. The parking lot job took me about three hours but I was going slow to make sure I wasnt going to have any more problems on my trip.
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