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Nice! I need to get away from all the people out here....

Hey, remember the bit about mice in your air filter box, and I related a story about a friend whose car quit running because they'd packed the air box with dog chow? Guess what I found when I serviced my GS last week:

Mice are industrious little bass turds; the air intake for this bike is about three feet off the ground and tucked up under the tank with nothing near it to climb on. The little acrobats must have made 1000 trips up there. It sure runs better without two cups of kibbles packed around the air filter.

I hope you have a great trip and your Winnie keeps on truckin'! I also hope you don't go broke buying gas for that thing . It's cheaper than a hotel, I guess, and easier than camping with three little kids and a new baby. Good on you guys!

I'm still waiting for the geology quiz.

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