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Talking Pine Sol Jelly Yummy

I have an XL600R head that I wanted to gently clean the ports of alot of carbon deposits and liked the Pine Sol idea, so here we go

Took about 6oz of straight Pine sol and mixed it slowly with half a packet of Ball Fruit Pectin for making jelly till it reached this consistency

Then just smeared it where I wanted it and kept it from where I didn't want it.

After a few hours it would dry so I added more, but later found that it really wasn't neccesary.

I also soaked the valves in a 50/50 mix of Pine Sol and water

Here are the before and after shots for a 24hr time period

The head before


The Valves before

And after

Not convinced?
Well here you go
Left side coated with the jelly for 24hrs
Right side is the control

There you go

Not bad for not really doing anything!
Brush it on and wait,
Hose it off and oil.

Expeirences may very but I like it.

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