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2012 Summer Ride TET & TAT Part I

2012 Summer Ride TET & TAT Part I

After completing the CDR with my son Cameron last summer, our ride plan for 2012 was to go to Colorado for a week of riding. I read a ride reports on ADV Rider titled “Coast to Coast”. A father and son rode the TET then hooked up to the TAT and rode it to the end. This made me think that would be a cool ride for Cameron and me.

Once we decided on a date, we had three weeks to prepare. I took out the credit card and started ordering maps and equipment. My bike, a BMW 650 XChallenge, was ready to go except for a chain and tires. Cameron’s bike, a Yamaha WR250R, was still stock and needing upgrading. I ordered a 4.7 gal gas tank, Andy Strapz saddle bags from Australia, a saddle bag frame from Dirt Bags, a tank bag, tires, GPS mount, numerous electrical hookups etc etc etc. Now the wait was on to see if everything would come in on time.
While I was waiting, I converted the maps to a GPS file. It took about a week to break the routes down by day and add in campsites and gas stops. By that time all the farkle had arrived and it was time to start installing. But first I had to travel to California for work; this was one week before our planned departure date. Cam came over the weekend before I had to leave so that we could have the bikes ready to go when I got back.

Working on the 250

Changing the Oil

Testing the new saddle bags fit

New tires and chain on the 650

Glitch number two, while I was in California, Cam informed me that his class was going to end later than expected. That pushed our departure date from Friday, 8/3 to Monday, 8/6. On the bright side, that gave me a few extra days to make sure everything was ready to go.

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