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Originally Posted by Nailhead View Post
MD, your groove-handle Gris is actually the youngest of the two Griswold skillets you have: late '30's comes to mind.
Thank you. I initially wrote it all wrong, then edited it so much that I got lost, lol.

I spent about an hour more trying to research the "5" with the dimple/dot and the heat ring broken in three places, but so far can only find a picture of a "3" that seems to be the same make, and a written question of someone else who seems to own the same make of "5" ... but theirs has a cast "Y" where I have a dot.

I know we may never know, but I'd like to know. Apparently the word was that many a blacksmith created runs of cast iron cookware as standard production runs between the unique jobs they had to do.

With the Griswolds, since we can sorta date them, I'm in awe of how many families or people they have served in the past. Obviously the unnamed 5 is old, too, but I don't quite have a feel for it since I really don't know how old it may be. Still, it was my friend's pan... and could have been in her family for many years.
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