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I'm crushed! No call from stealer!! This is so not what the BMW logo stood for IMO. Just have to keep the RPM up when riding this fine bike. I will see what motorrad has to say about the rip off on warranty they did. (any have a way of getting to someone that cares?} Is this world F'ed up or what?

You know, it's often not changing the battery that fixes these little gremlins. For instance, mine plays up occasionally, the other night she kept stalling but what you need to do is stop the bike and then turn on the ignition. Once the lights have finished flashing open the throttle all the way and the close it again. Then turn off the ignition and turn it back on again. This resets the computer and normally fixes everything. That might be why swapping the battery fixes the gremlins, you're effectively resetting the system but the throttle trick is a built in reset you can do whenever you feel like it.
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