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Well, I'm waiting on a bunch of parts to arrive. So, I have some time to kill. I've decided to try and clean up the headers and exhaust pipe. I may end up ditching the setup completely for a new stainless steel header and exhaust, but that's money that would be better spent on gas!

Even though trying to keep these headers looking nice might be futile, I'm going to clean up the surface rust on the stock pipes and hit them with a coat of high temp header paint. We'l see how they hold up. I was able to get the exhaust portion done this evening. Nothing like some elbow grease to get the rust off!



Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to the header pipes tonight. I snapped the head off a header gaurd bolt (the guard is pictured in the above photo near the exhaust pipe) earlier today. I think the heat cycles made it really brittle. Since one EZ-Out job is plenty, I decided to hit the header bolts with some penatrating oil, so I'm going to let that soak in overnight and try loosening the headers tomorrow.

I also ordered a new FMF exhaust strapped b/c the one currently on the bike has a rubber grommet that's worn through. Fellow inmate Snomore, is going to attempt at making me a new rubber grommet. If that fails, I'll have the new FMF hangar in a few days.

Ummmm.......i have that exact series of FMF "Q"`s the original "Q" muffler.......the Q2 and Q4 came after that one.....far as i`m concerned it was the nicest looking of the bunch did know the pipe you just painted was stainless didn`t you........a little sanding or polishing and it would have looked new..stainless turns brown/golden colored after heat hits it..any rust you saw was baked on dirt..i used steel wool to remove that,,,then some SOS pads with some elbow grease and it looked great..


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