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Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
Place your 990 on good scales and if it comes up less than 230 report back
My thoughts exactly. There is a DIN norm (don't know the number off hand, but trust me, there is a norm in Germany for EVERYTHING) regarding maufacturer claimed weights. It stipulates that all fluids must be on board which are required for operation (unlike the Japanese you used to like to weigh their bikes sans cooling water, brake fluid, or acid in the battery) plus 90% of the maximum fuel load. According to this, the ABS KTM Adventures came in at 231kg without crash bars or luggage racks which can easily add another 10 kg.

So to agree with Mousitsas, unless your KTM has undergone some serious dieting, your 200 kg estimate is a little conservative. The 950 SE weighed in at right around 200 kg, (wet, of course) if I recall correctly.

On another note, not mentioned so far is a final quote from the Motorrad article (I have to paraphrase since I don't have it with me here):

KTM: Our goal was to be number one off-road among the enduros (euro speak for adventure bike).
Tester: In my opinion, you have just built the best two cylinder enduro period.

The tester raved earlier how the dual spark heads, additional rotating weight, new mapping plus whatever other mods KTM has undertaken have completely transformed the engine. Lots of low end grunt, great mid-range and a top end rush that only the Multistrada can complete with were the raves. The added weight seemed to add a great deal of smoothness at low rpm without detracting from the quick revving character the KTMs are known for. Only complaint was a bit of roughness about 7000 rpm but that equates to 180km/h so not an issue in the real (non-Autobahn) world.

Also praised were the new off-road ABS (insert flame here). The system from Bosch allows for a high rate of slippage on the front before it kicks in, and the rear is completely free to be locked up. From the brief article, it really sounds like KTM made a lot of very intelligent design choices and/or compromises.
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