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Unifilter says same filter for ABS and Non-ABS

Originally Posted by Chinookmark View Post
Added ABS tag, since the two lists seem to have merged into one.
I have been informed by unifilter that we will be supplied with the same filter for both ABS and Non-ABS.

Therefore the lists were combined.

Here is the explanation posted previously:

"Just an explanation about a couple of things.

I volunteered to facilitate this group buy. I am not a vendor and am not making any profit-but since the focus of this thread is on organizing a product purchase, was directed to the Vendor section by an ADV moderator. This thread focuses solely on information regarding the purchase of the Unifilter Pre-Air Filter.

I have been exchanging emails with Unifilter Australia, and yesterday received the following response regarding the different filters for abs and non-abs:

"Hi Galen,
Thanks for your email. Yes there is a new filter for the ABS model. This filter will also fit the non ABS model. The part# is “NU 3704” It is not on our website yet. We are currently updating our website and it should be up in the next few days..
All orders for NU 3703 will be substituted with the NU 3704. They are the same price.

Myles Gooch

So it looks like Unifilter will be selling the NU3704 filter for both ABS and Non-ABS.

Therefore, there is no need to specify ABS or Non-ABS since we will all get the same filter."

All is good!
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