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Day 2

Near Austin to somewhere on the E side of Utah..

Woke up bright and early with the sun and hit the road to find breakfast. Instant quaker oatmeal wasn't sounding appetizing. So I think I'll meander to the next town.

Packed up and ready to go.

Back on the road

Digging the sunrise...

Next closest town was a little town call Austin. Grabbed some gas and asked the attendant who had good breakfast and hit the spot.


Was planning on hitting up Great Basin National Park but the clouds over Great Basin were looking gnarly and I don't have rain gear.. Guess it's on to Utah. FYI, these aren't the clouds, this was to the North.

WTF? Wacky mormons..

Stopped off for gas, Oh look, Rabbit blood! After seeing the mess my bike made of the rabbit, I've decided to name her the lankshark
. Now I just need some p40 decals.

Talked to a couple guys at the gas station, ran into one guy who was on his way back from Quebec on a triumph. Ran into a father and his two boys on Harleys on their way back to CA from CO for their yearly 2 week ride. It's amazing how much the likelihood of running into another adv rider goes up once you get out in the middle of nowhere. The remoteness filters the traffic down to just the locals and the like-minded idiots out on two wheels. It's fun running into people in odd places you have a common thread with.

Note the storm getting closer, I wind up losing that race tomorrow btw.

Sun's getting low, time to camp. Lucked out and found an OHV area that had fire pits.

Huge fan of desert camping btw, creepy quiet and the stargazing in unparalleled

Nite Nite.

Tomorrow: A really really short post as I spent most the day drenched, hypo-thermic and disgruntled.

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