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One last post on this bike, and I'll get out of here. Many will disagree, but that's ok, it's only my opinion. I consider this whole thing a joke. I hope the company fails, mostly because of their arrogant attitude. And I fully believe it will. Just like Excelsior-Henderson, and Indian. Oh, and don't forget about Ridley. And most of the tiny companies that were assembling Harley clones from aftermarket parts have also fallen by the wayside.Yes, Indian will fail again, even though it now belongs to Polaris. Indian seems doomed to fail 1000 times, unless someone finally realizes it won't work, and gives up. The main problem is the price, also the uncertainty of future support. In the first place, both with Indian, EH, and Motus, the bikes are simply not worth the price, or anywhere near it. Certainly not as motorcycles, and none of them have the heritage, history, or name to add on a surcharge, like Harley can get away with. And like Harley or hate them, they are getting away with it, and have been for a long time. For that matter, so do Ducati and BMW. Victory has been pretty successful, because they offer value for the money, and a reasonably priced alternative to Harley, just like the Japanese do, and from a long established company. I do think they would do better if they quit comparing themselves to Harley, and started selling their bikes on their own merits. The one Cinderella story in all this is Triumph, part of their success was just plain luck, but they were also started up and run as a business, by a businessman, who did not have to raise outside capitol. They built quality motorcycles at reasonable prices, and they started out with several models. And they did not start out with a retro model. Unlike Indian and EH, something about the Triumph name resonated with potential customers, and their bikes were not "exclusive" something which I consider to be a big part of their success. The magazines also liked them. I like them. I see them as a European alternative to Asian bikes, and a good one. They made it over the first hurdles, and are now firmly established.

So while I have no interest in Motus, their bike, their company, or their attitude, I do hope they don't wind up costing investors and a few customers a fortune, like EH and a multitude of companies that tried to bring back Indian did.

One more word about Indian. Both the Kawasaki Drifters, the 1500 and the 800, were far superior to a "real" fake Indian, and sold for reasonable prices, and even they failed. The "new" Indian still has a copy of the Harley EVO engine, with just a few minor changes, mostly cosmetic.
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