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Progress! But first...

I have made actual progress on the Minsk! But first, apparently, I have to do some housecleaning.

Derek and I are friends, and he is merely helping me with this retarded happy-fun-time idiotic project that I got myself into. He is not doing it the way he wants to. His original recommendation was to replace the head tube, but after much bitching, whining, kvetching, and whimpering by me about how "that is going to be so much wooooork and I don't have the moooooooney" he finally agreed to forget everything that he knew was right and safe and worthy of his shop, and just sort of mash the thing back together. So, make no mistake, THIS IS MY DOING. Derek still to this day complains about not doing it to his standard, and I am constantly telling him "fuck it, its good enough as is! Can I take it home an assemble it now??" I have never pointed this out in the thread, because I never had to defend myself or my friend who is helping me from forum trolling dipshits. This has, up until now, been the single most enjoyable forum activity I have ever taken part in. Love doing the ridiculous work, love making people laugh, and I love the people who are following my escapades.

I am, first and foremost, a car guy. I have a small collection of cars and trucks that I am incredibly enthusiastic about, I love them to death, I do all of my own work, I off road my trucks, I track my sports cars (and not so sporty cars), and I go on road trips with all of them. However, because of the overwhelming number of asswipes on forums, I don't participate in anything. No meets, no shows, no group drives, no posts about my cars, trips, or repairs/upgrades. It simply is not worth the aggravation. For instance, I already could have written the Minsk update, but instead I find myself doing this shit.

I drove my rickety old British vehicle through Baja last year, and I didn't write a post about it because I didn't want to defend myself against a mob a Monster Energy - Fox Racing - Rockstar flat bill hat wearing, shirtless morons who would hijack my thread to inform me that it would have been "hella more sicker if you had, like, unpainted fiberglass flares on, like, the sides of your truck bro. And also you should have done it in a Ford Ranger"

So in conclusion, thank you Mr TwinShocker for stopping by my admittedly idiotic post, and lousing it all up. I appreciate your concern for my financial well being, or whatever the fuck you think you are doing, but please refrain from providing further assistance. Seriously, this is stupid. Not kidding, leave it alone. You can come peruse the updates any time you like, but don't post. We are having fun here, and NOTHING is being done properly.

Wait, I thought I was done, but I have one more point. Did this dude seriously not read ANY part of this thread? I mean, it starts out with a cracked swing arm, pivots made out of stripped out 3/4" nuts, cable guides made by welding fender washers to the frame, you name it, it is fucked, scary, and flat out WRONG on this bike, which is why this is so much fun to work on and write about!

I do not want an argument, I do not want a debate, I do not want to discuss this with TwinShocker at all any more AT ALL ever. Get it, TwinShocker? Don't Respond, don't post here, please. Also, please note that I never insulted you, your intelligence, your social status, your friends, your family, your pets, your vehicles, or engineering/fabricating prowess. I even managed to keep swear words to what I consider to be the bare minimum! I just want this to go away.

ok done.
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