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Originally Posted by CodyY View Post
BSA held zero for about 2 mags, Bushnell didn't even work outta the box
Fast Fire broke on a coyote/hog hunt falling over from leaned against a tree.
StrikeFire mentioned above incapable of consistent results

Comes down to Aimpont PRO and Eotech, but I tend to over accurize my speed shots and double taps at closer range with the dot vs the donut thingy.

So I'm wanting an EXPS2.0
I have a BSA sweet 22 on my small bore silhoutte rifle and while I only used it for one match it held pretty darn good. I think with BSA you get a good one or you get a crap one. But where else can you find a scope of that power for that kind of money. It is nice and clear and I am pretty did make the rifle too darn heavy now tho.

I also have a Millet scope that is along the same lines as the BSA scope....a little more money and I really bought it because I wanted to try something different. Same type of gun same type of shooting, not sure if I like it any better or not.

One problem I do kinda remember having is one of the scopes had a metric tube (i think) and I do remember one of the rifles has an 11mm dove tail...I know I had trouble finding rings that would do what I wanted to do.
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