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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
I have a BSA sweet 22 on my small bore silhoutte rifle and while I only used it for one match it held pretty darn good. I think with BSA you get a good one or you get a crap one. But where else can you find a scope of that power for that kind of money. It is nice and clear and I am pretty did make the rifle too darn heavy now tho.

I also have a Millet scope that is along the same lines as the BSA scope....a little more money and I really bought it because I wanted to try something different. Same type of gun same type of shooting, not sure if I like it any better or not.

One problem I do kinda remember having is one of the scopes had a metric tube (i think) and I do remember one of the rifles has an 11mm dove tail...I know I had trouble finding rings that would do what I wanted to do.
Sweet 22 and 17 do hold up well on 22/17 target rifles off a bench.

Im referring to the $30 BSA 30mm red dot. Similar to the Barska. They're ok on a 10/22 for plinking.

I really hoped the Vortex Strike Fire would be "THE" budget optic for me. But losing the dot every drill that involves transitioning to the sidearm don't fly.

If Aimpont was selling the Micro T-1 at the <$300 price point I'd have one in a second
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