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So it's been a sad summer, at least as far as the orange beastie is concerned. But anyway, I'm going to give it a another stab to try to figure out this MPG/fueling issue so hopefully I can do some fall riding.


There are some conditions: I personally have to be able to do it at home, and at minimal cost. I've been unsuccessful at finding a competent professional KTM tuner within a thousand miles, much less an affordable one.

I've added a Shorai battery, and finally got Windows running on my Mac. I know how to upload/download maps, and run all the TuneECU diagnostic tools (which all pass). MPG is still in the mid 20's (when I parked the bike in March ). That's where I stand.

Here's what I WANT to accomplish, in this order:

1. Correct/ideal fuel mix.
2. KNOWING I have the correct ideal fuel mix (like hard data, not just "going for a ride and tallying MPG")
3. 35 mpg or better, whilst flogging it (which seems a reasonable expectation)
4. HP gain if possible (only as a bonus, I really just want my bike back)

Tell me if I'm wrong, but it sure seems to me to satisfy these goals I'll need some sort of diagnostic equipment, yes? I'm ignorant of such things. I've heard of tailpipe sniffers (measuring exhaust "mix"?), and of course dynos (measuring HP and tourque). What about some sort of real-time data logger while the bike is running that gives insight into fuel mix and such? Or would that be part of a dyno tune session?

I'm guessing it is unlikely reasonable to attain this equipment at home, which puts me back to square one (please tell me if I'm wrong or if there is a poor-man's work-around).

Which brings me to the OTHER way out of this mess: Becoming the first LC8 owner in history to REINSTALL the SAS system, attempting to bring the bike back to close-to-stock. This seems wrong out of principle, but I can put principles aside if it means I'll be allowed back in the saddle. Plus this would cost next to nothing. Would it work? Reinstall SAS and load stock map? I still wouldn't KNOW that it's working optimally, but there's a good chance it would be...

Be gentle, I know the few OC inmates who actually, TRULY understand this F.I. black magic must get SOOOOO frustrated explaining it to us neanderthals again and again. Your insight is appreciated. I mean, I get it: Fuel + Oxygen = Go. Right. To much/little of one or the other throws it off. Yes, TuneECU will let you change a multitude of parameters. That's great. My hang up is how one KNOWS what to change, and how much. Not guess, but KNOW. Guessing seems to offer no advantage over carbs, and equally as frustrating. My bike is running rich. Obviously. Great. TuneECU hasn't helped me to come to that conclusion, nor has it even confirmed that.

Okay, enough, I'm starting to rant. Time for solutions!

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