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1980(?) Suzuki GS550 w/sidecar question(s)

Long post:

Anyone have any experience with these? I found someone local to me who has a really nice looking '80 Suzuki GS550 that he's converted to a cafe racer (I would convert it back to stock, that's not my thing). He's also got a sidecar that he's including with it, but he's not sure what type - he thinks it may be a training sidecar. Bike only has about 36K on the clock, looks to be in great shape, and the sidecar looks pretty good (sidecar is not installed, but has everything I need). The bike was his daily driver and he had an oil leak. After trying to fix the oil leak, he thinks something happened to the carbs - may just need to be synchronized (bike runs). I'm not a mechanic, but I've wrenched on my bikes in the past and think I would be cool working on this thing. I had an old Kawasaki Concours that I rebuilt the carbs on, etc. and this appears to be set up about the same.

So here's the question(s):

I've been dying for a sidecar rig and had been looking at Ural. My kids love them and I want to get them involved in bikes. I've got some money coming my way, but it turns out not to be as much as I had hoped, so Ural is out because they're too expensive (for what I can spend). Had made up my mind to get either a DR650 or KLR650, but this rig showed up and it's got me thinking. The guy is offering to sell me the whole rig for less than most used DR650/KLR650's that I've been looking at and he lives like 10 minutes from my house - clean title, tagged, whole nine yards. I've been lurking in the "hacks" section for a while now and other sidecar related boards, so I have a basic understanding of the whole concept. However, I don't know a whole lot about older Suzuki bikes.

Anyone know if parts are readily available for these things? He's got new tires on it, speedo cable, spark plugs, and the thing looks almost brand new (some minor issues such as turn signals, minor rust in tank, etc. - nothing I can't take care of). I've looked online and it seems to be hit or miss and I can't find any Suzuki specific boards to ask questions (nothing that old at any rate).

I have heard of training sidecars, but I'm not exactly sure what that means - anyone know more about them or if there is such a thing? I'm going to check it out this weekend and should have more information then. Sidecar looks solid, outside of it is free of any damage, no rust that I can see, he's treated the inside with bedliner, etc. It's not mounted to the bike, but it appears to have all of the requisite mounting hardware (bars, nuts, bolts, etc.). Sidecar even has a new tire on it, fender, etc. EDIT: He just got back to me and said the sidecar is fiberglass and it does have some cracks, but he said they aren't bad and the car is solid overall - probably fixable.

What do you guys/gals think? Anyone happen to have one of these things that can provide some first hand knowledge? Anyone have any older Suzuki resources they could send my way? I'm hoping to check it out either tomorrow afternoon or maybe on Saturday, so I can get some decent pics, poke around on it, etc. I told him if I don't pick it up, I'm going to try and help him sell it and will probably post it up on here and some other sites that I know - but I get first dibs

Thanks everyone!

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