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I am sure the experts will be here soon to help.

How about a list of mods to the bike to get the help rollin.....

A screenshot of TuneECU hooked up can also be helpful.
Air filter.. prefilter?
which map now... actual OEM#
Throttle body intakes clean
fuel filter change
or anything else that might help.

My guess is you have an aftermarket Airfilter(which could be beyond its life span) and a prefilter, and the Arka map.= gas hog to rich

As i made my bike more dirt worthy my mileage has slowly gone down.
Tires- gearing- prefilter- Maps... just sayin thats my experience.
Again my experience is the Arka map is rich, to rich for my bike. 07 w/arkos and full ectomies.
I can run the stock map on my bike with the F/L switch set 0 above 2000 rpm, tho i get the best fuel mileage with that setup i hear the fan run more than usual when in 1st and 2nd which leads me to believe it is near lean. This is all just seat o the pants tune, i would love a data logger, just not in the budget.

So when its hot in the summer i run the 1/2 Arka map with some tweaks, and jump back to the stock map in the cooler months.
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