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Originally Posted by HardCase View Post
I've had limited experience with red-dots, but think they can be useful. I think, as with most scopes, you tend to get what you pay for. I like the smaller red-dots better than the scope style ones, think they give a better field of view. I'm thinking of stuff like the C-More STS and that style of sight on handguns or shotguns, and something like the Eotechs on a rifle. There are a bajillion options out there, but the little holo sights seem more the way to go if you ask me. The price range is equally vast, from less than $50 to multiple hundreds. I put the Bushnell thing on the 15-22 because I got a good deal on it and it seemed like a decent sight. It looks like a ACOG, but has no magnification, just a simple 1x viewing port with a dot. Not a bad sight, but there are better ones out there.
I have ahd a bunch and the best one save for the [problem with the brightness in broad daylight was the cheapest which was an NC Star....oon an AR the thing rocked unless it was Noon and the target wad white.....had it been a green dot at the time, it would have been perfect
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