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Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
Don't forget Fire

Oh yeah! I knew I was forgetting something...

I am sure the experts will be here soon to help.

How about a list of mods to the bike to get the help rollin.....

Sure, I can refresh ya'll:

'07 990 EFI, 50,000 miles

BMC reusable filter, with Uni prefilter, both cleaned and lightly oiled.

16/45 gearing

Flappendectemy - yes

Single FMF can with Ned's 2 into 1 midpipe

OEM '07 map, and trying '07 Akro. Both running very rich (apparently), tried O2 sensors on and off with both maps, no appreciable difference.

Throttle bodies cleaned, double and triple checked work
Fuel filter changed, KTM fuel pump rebuild kit used

All the problems started after I pulled the charcoal cannister and the SAS (following OC tutorials). Bike was running "fine," getting upper 30's MPG all around, after SAS/Canni dropped to mid 20's and other riders behind report fuel odor. I've dissasembled 3 times to check my work, as far as I can tell it's tight, clean, and thorough...

A screenshot of TuneECU hooked up can also be helpful.

I'm out of town for another week, but I'll get some fresh screen shots when I get home. There are some previous screen shots a few pages back.

Air filter.. prefilter?
which map now... actual OEM#
Throttle body intakes clean
fuel filter change
or anything else that might help.

My guess is you have an aftermarket Airfilter(which could be beyond its life span) and a prefilter, and the Arka map.= gas hog to rich

As i made my bike more dirt worthy my mileage has slowly gone down.
Tires- gearing- prefilter- Maps... just sayin thats my experience.
Again my experience is the Arka map is rich, to rich for my bike. 07 w/arkos and full ectomies.
I can run the stock map on my bike with the F/L switch set 0 above 2000 rpm, tho i get the best fuel mileage with that setup i hear the fan run more than usual when in 1st and 2nd which leads me to believe it is near lean. This is all just seat o the pants tune, i would love a data logger, just not in the budget.

Interesting, I may ask you some more questions when I have the bike plugged in in front of me.

So when its hot in the summer i run the 1/2 Arka map with some tweaks, and jump back to the stock map in the cooler months.

Thanks for taking the time. Every little hint helps at this point!

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