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Originally Posted by Juanjo_NY View Post
appreciate the suggestion, but I'm REALLY set to pick one from those two!

SuperNova or 590A1 !!
I find it amusing on gun threads or forums where a guy will say "I want either a __________ or a ___________. What do you suggest?" Fill in the blanks however you like, in your case the SN or the 590A1. Invariably they get suggestions for different guns! I guess we are just a bunch of opinionated guys.

In any case......I have a SuperNova like the one you showed in the pic. I believe it has a longer barrel than 24", however, am thinking it's a 26 or 28", but be that as it may, I find it a great gun. I bought mine primarily for turkey hunting, have a 3" 12 gauge that I use for waterfowl, but wanted to be able to shoot the big 3.5" roman candle shells, and the SuperNova does that quite well. My daughter-in-law did a great job of busting clays with it one day. Great all around gun, albeit kinda ugly.
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