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Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
Place your 990 on good scales and if it comes up less than 230 report back
I have knocked off bout 5kgs of the back-end by replacing the stocks cans with Wings cans - but probably put those kgs back on with a light saddlebag pannier rack and rear plate.

My own experience on some pretty gnarly roads is that the current 990 Adv is probably a bit too heavy and overpowered for dirt road riding. On tar you can use the power and the weight comes in handy, but if that's what your doing there are 1000's of road orientated bikes that will do the job much better.

IMHO, KTM might be better off building their great for the road but useless off the road 1290 Adv bike but supplement that with dirt capable 600cc, 160kg single and a 700cc, 180kg twin for 'proper' adventure riding.

Frankly, the current 990 is right on the limit of anything I'd like to take off road and a pig in sand - after the 3rd pick-up in 20 kms, regardless of how good the suspension is, the 200 kgs and 110+ hp starts to wear very thin (and lower the gearing for chrissake! - the way to high for anything remotely tough off road).
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