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Team TCB Shake-Down / Baja 1000 pre-pre-ride notes - DAY 2

Day 2 started out painful. I woke up being sore in places I didn't know could get sore. I may have underestimated how physically demanding this endeavor was going to be. But there's no time to be sore so jumped out of bed and started the day.

We all decided since day 1 was so difficult that we'd all sleep-in and have an 'easier' day. I try but sleeping-in doesn't really work for me and I was up at 0630. Everyone else mosey'd up shortly after me and we then waited for the adjacent restaurant to open. It gave me time to stretch and re-pack my backpack. I ditched some 'extra' food I was carrying…ounces equal pounds.

While we were waiting for the restaurant to open, it gave Allan time to work on his bike. He got ahold of some bad gas or something.

We ate breakfast at "Mi Pueblit" and I tagged it with a WWP sticker before we ate.

So Allan put his bike together and we packed up our bags. We rode mostly dirt roads through the mountains to Erendira. It was a pretty cool route. Lots of sweeping turns with ruts and 'ball bearing' size rocks. Pretty slippery stuff. But I'm good with ruts now.

About 1/2 way through the ride, Brett almost had a head on collision with a truck going too fast around a blind curve. The truck was gong WAY too fast and came to a sliding stop in the middle of the road. Luckily Brett kept the bike on the road and upright. It would of been a long fall otherwise. It was pretty sketchy. But that's Baja riding I guess. Strangely…this wouldn't be Brett's only head on collision with a motor vehicle that day…wait for it…

We stopped at a road side taco stand for lunch. It turns out that they have some excellent Mexican food down there. My bike didn't have a kick stand. I usually just leaned it against one of the other bikes. I had just taken my Fox armor off when I saw my bike and Randy's go over like dominos. I was imaging seeing all of the bikes going over like one of those cheesy biker movies. So embarrassing… I tagged the taco stand with a WWP sticker and we were off.

The last 2 miles of the route were amazing. It would be the first time we rode next to the ocean. There were 100' sheer cliffs dropping off into the ocean. Really pretty stuff.

We ended the day ride at the legendary Coyote Cal's. Lulu greeted us and put us all together in the basement room. If you haven't been to Coyote Cal's, you need to check it out. A really cool place.

After everyone was settled we busted out a map of Baja. We did a map recon of where we think the course is going to be this year. We talked about rider change locations, pits, and which sections we'd be riding. Allan proposed one of my legs be along the "Cliffs of Death." The cliffs were immediately re-named to, "Fuzzy Bunny Cliffs.". The "Fuzzy Bunny Cliffs" sound much less intimidating.

We ate dinner at Glorias in Erendira then hurried back to Coyote Cal's to get ready for our first night ride. At dinner we ran into some family members of McMillan Racing. Very nice people. We rolled out of Coyote Cal's at dusk and planned to ride north for about 30-ish miles along the coast. This was my first time riding at night and admittedly I was a little nervous. Only a few of the bikes had lights. I had my Cyclops helmet light…which was ridiculously bright.

Riding at night was pretty cool. I almost think I was faster at night. Since I couldn't see all that well….I just stayed on the throttle more then I should of. Probably should of rolled off the throttle more than I did. But since I couldn't see I just motored on.

I was cruising along at a pretty good clip when I hit the uphill silt bed. I'm thinking, "I know how to do this." Get as far back as I can in the saddle, throttle throttle, head up, and steer with your feet. I was about 1/2 way through the silt and the bike just wanted to lay down. I think it was tired. I fell A LOT the first day but none of it really hurt that much. This fall hurt pretty bad. I fell into a ditch and got a mean charlie horse on my quad. It also knocked the wind out of me and I lost my 'good time' for a moment. After I gained my composure, I picked my bike up and kicked that silt's ass.

I rode another 100 meters and everyone was waiting for me. The fog was getting extremely thick and we decided to turn around. I'm thinking, "Great…I had to go back through the silk that just almost broke my leg".

We arrived back at Coyote Cal's and immediately started drinking beers at the Barefoot Bar. We lit a campfire and this is when I learned about Brett's 2nd head on collision. Brett and Chris both had the same bike lights from Cyclops. They are insanely bright. Somehow Brett and Chris had a (low speed) head on collision. It was ridiculous. They were literally the ONLY other vehicle for 30 miles. I guess the bike lights were like tractor beams because those two idiots ran right into each other. Brett has it all on GoPro and Chris went over the handle bars…and flies over the camera. Hope is uploads it.

A little later on that night was the (non-riding) highlight of the trip for me. If you don't know Lulu, she's the caretaker for Coyote Cal's. Brett saw a guitar behind the bar and made her a deal. He told her that he'd play a song if she'd sing one for us. She agreed. Brett tuned up the guitar and strummed a few Zeppelin songs.

Then Lulu got ahold of the guitar… She sang us the most beautiful song I think I've ever heard. Her voice is angelic. I was hypnotized. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was my aching, throbbing leg. Or maybe it was just the whole experience. I have no idea what she was singing about but I was speechless. I am quickly falling in love with Baja.

After a few more beers I pounded a few glasses of water and went to bed.

ok ok ok….I was going to leave this story out but I think it's too funny not to.

I only brought 1 pair of board shorts, 3 pairs of underwear, and 2 t-shirts with me. And everything was in the washing machine. I spent most of the night wearing a towel and a t-shirt. No one really seemed to notice or even care. When it was time to go to bed I just took the towel off and slept in a t-shirt. I was thinking that I better at least wear a t-shirt. I didn't want to be completely naked sleeping in a room full of dudes. I kept the towel handy in case I needed to get out of bed.

It's 3 or 4am and I've gotta pee like crazy. I didn't feel like getting out of bed so I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't fall back to sleep. It was just too uncomfortable. I'm thinking, "Damnit…I have to get out of bed." I'm on the top bunk with Randy sleeping below me. The beds were all very very close to one another. Unnecessarily close.

I try to put my towel on and shimmy off the bed but I just don't have the room or right angles. I'm also so sore that I can't move all that much. I felt brittle. So I ditch the towel idea. I can't lower myself off the bed like a normal person because it's just way too tall and I'm way too sore. So I have to lay on my stomach and slide off the bed…feeling with my feet for the lower mattress or floor.

I'm thinking, "Oh God, please don't let Randy wake up." My manhood is literally dangling right in his face as I'm reaching for the floor. And don't let Allan or John wake up either…they are in the bed next to me. My bare ass is eye level with them as I'm reaching for the floor. Could of been a somewhat awkward encounter. It seemed like an eternity before I found the floor.

Allan working on his bike at our first hostel.

Restaurant attached to the hostel. Fantastic food.

Tagging Mi Puebli with WWP sticker

Roadside taco stand.

Gear off...still 1,000 degrees.

Just arrived at Coyote Cal's


After our night ride and before Lulu's song. I'll try to get her song uploaded soon.

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