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Originally Posted by Danjal View Post
An adv bike yes,even knobbies too. That i understand. He said strom, so im picturing 80/20 tires at best. All valid points, I was just wondering why is all. Once I hit about a 60/40 I wont bother with balance unless its pretty noticeable.
Shinko 705 which I guess is a 80/20 tire.

Checked the chain, rear wheel alignment. Straight / true. Checked the steering bearings in the Swingset manner, no looseness.

I examined the tire, it appears to be seated on the bead.

To be on the safe side, I rode to the gas station with a ball bat, tire gauge, and bottle of windex. "Drained" all the air from the back tire, waled on it with the ball bat, lubed the area of the bead, waled some more, hyperinflated the tire to 70+ PSI without seeing or hearing the bead popping, waled some more, dropped pressure to 41 PSI Rode home. Same as it was.

I noticed the only difference between my bike and Meredith's is the rubber dust cover over the wheel bearings on the disk side of the rear wheel on mine is slightly dimpled, like the rubber is a little crushed; and on hers it is nice and flat. That's it; all other spacers are exactly the same between the two bikes.

I'm not terribly worried, just curious. I'm gonna keep riding, I guess one of three things will happen - it will get better, it will get worse, or it will stay the same. Even if it gets worse I can't see a catastrophic failure since everything checks okay.

Thanks for the advice.
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