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Originally Posted by vivid dadas View Post
[QUOTEBalancing the tires on an adventure bike is pretty much pointless. Most tires go out of balance within 500 miles or hitting the first pothole. __________________]
I'm not arguing or disagreeing, because I don't even understand this stuff at a distance, but I am curious; why should this be true? How does hitting a pothole "unbalance" a tire?

You balance a tire/wheel because all sections or segments of the tire/wheel don't weigh the same. You add weight to one section to attempt to "balance" these inequalities. I understand that tires wear unevenly and this weight distribution changes over time, but don't understand how hitting a pothole would change a tire/wheel weight distribution.[/QUOTE]

I'm not a tire engineer, but I can tell you that even on a car tire, it can be balanced to zero, driven into a curb, or driven a couple hundred miles, and be way out again. I have seen it time and time again.
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