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Originally Posted by RTLover View Post
The number of tests is really not the issue, it's the results thereof. Exaggerated figures are often used for emphasis. AFAIK, he complied with the testing procedures. Testimony by former competitors, some of whom had themselves been found to be positive, and with no forensic evidence to back those up means very little in a 'real' court. The kangaroos handle it differently, obviously.
Interesting, huh.

All those competitors that were doping during Armstrong's run were caught, but he wasn't.
Oh, that makes perfect sense.

Ya' know, looking back on those races, he just intimidated the shit outta those guys. He was so inside their heads, it was damn near impossible for them to focus.
Doping or not, methinks there be a LOT of guys who really don't like him and want to see him loose at something.

Now we have the USADA "stripping" him of his 7 TDF titles.
Didn't know it was theirs to strip.
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