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Originally Posted by 2whl-hoop View Post
Maybe the UCI will refuse to erase his results. It sounds like they're waiting for the USADA to give them an explanation.
Don't recall the sequence of events or who did what to who, but if the UCI handled the tests, they sure as hell ain't gonna let us tell them they were wrong

Originally Posted by oldxr View Post
If he was tested at race time and passed they should leave him alone.The results of the testing should be made final no more than 6 months after the first initial test for the race in question with no possability for reviewing or retesting the results after 6 months.I smell politics-is it the french?

It would seem to make sense, especially when the events in question happened on foreign soil and we had no jurisdiction over the athletes.
Politics for sure...the French ? Dunno. looks like we should be more concerned on why we (our government) needs to spend tons of $s hurting down a bike racer .
(sorry...didn't mean to bend this towards CS&M just really smells)
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