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Originally Posted by musicman View Post
Not to poke a stick in a hornet's nest but ADV guys with full adventure GS1200s and gianormous aluminum cases who spend more time at Starbucks than transversing Africa seem not that different from the Game Conners and Hardley Davidson costumers.
Guilty as charged

Every time I throw a leg over any of my bikes, I put on the appropriate costume and pretend to be somebody else. I could be James Stewart when I wear all my Fox motocross gear on the track - not that I have the skills to match his, but for one brief moment I looked just like him when I cleared the double. Or Jonah Street when I don my Klim gear for traversing thru the woods on my 690. Even looked like Foggy hisself once, when I wore my duc uniform whilst riding my 916 back in the day. Are we posers or are we protecting the most important and vital part of the bike: ourselves

We are all clowns in this circus we call LIFE

BTW - awesome RR
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