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Originally Posted by al m View Post
Hi there KTMers,

I'm looking at getting an single-lung adventure bike (2nd hand) for a big ol' Central/North American ride and am currently interested in the 690 Adventure or DR650. Some might say these bikes are chalk and cheese but this is what I've narrowed it down to for my own reasons...I've come here looking for your opinions on comfort of the 690 and to ask what sort of maintenance I'd be looking at if I owned one of these things.

Can any of you kind gentlemen shed some light on these topics? Obviously I'm looking at a ton of miles so comfort is paramount but so is maintenance once I get off the beaten track.

Thanks in advance for your help and hopefully I'll see you on the road!

the 690 is FI not carbed so has the added complication of a fuel pump & computer mapping. they don't apear to like dirty fuel much either and the standard seat is woeful for anything remotely long distance. A lot of people new to FI bikes do struggle when something goes wrong as the technology can be frustrating to deal with especially out in the whop whops. Having said all that I have an 09 and have had little trouble with it apart from chains breakng which is my bad maintenance in anycase.

I have owned a DR as well (2nd hand) and can tell you the seats on those things are plain evil after 1-2 hrs. The tech on them is more familier to most people being that they are 30yrs old

The 690 needs oil changes every 5000 klm (the oil is not cheap for them either!) and valves checked every 10K but not much else. The DR will run on any old rubbish and has longer service intervals (can't recall what they are...10 yrs or something like that )

If you have it serviced by someone who knows what they are doing and dont try and outsmart the techs who designed the mapping, don't put the worst grade mongolian vinagar in it for fuel the 690 is a reliable bike.

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