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NOT the route over the top of the lakes

Hello from Manitoba Canada. I have done Pacific to Atlantic numerous times, U.S. and Canada. The most dangerous road in Canada is the one over the top of the lake, from the Sault to Thunder Bay. Hwy 17/#1 from Sudbury to the Sault is usually good, but still might be some construction. The price of gas is rediculous. Go south from the Sault into the U.S. Sault Michigan and use secondary highways until your well schooled in sidecar driving. The northern route is a truckers route, usually lots of road construction and very dangerous. Just ask Claude if I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. MANITOBA MANNY as I am known in his part ot the country. Have a safe trip. OOtpik of the Great White Frozen North of Manitoba Canada. Also use a GPS so you can see where the off major state highways are going. Small motels are cheaper and the small cafes have great food. A good idea is a volks stabilizer from the sidecar front top mount to the forks for construction areas. ootpik
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