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Swingarm spool mount sheared off, bike down

Friday night I was installing my rear rack and Givi top case. Had the bike up on the rear stand so it was level for working on. Had everything mounted and was making so adjustments, told the wife to get on the bike and lean against the case I could make sure she was comfortable. She said she was fine and suggested that I put one of my panniers on so she could check her footplacement with it.

Installed the right side pannier, she said it was still fine, but her foot was pretty far forward. She suggested that I get on as well to make sure her foot didn't interfere with me. Now, I probably should have take the bike off the stand at this point, but it slipped my mind. My wife weighs 140, I'm about 240, plus the weight of the bike, HT Teton panniers, and top case, was apparently too much and the right side swing arm spool mount sheared off the swingarm and the bike went to the right. I was able to stay upright, but the wife was thrown to the right, partially trapping her between the bike and the garage wall, with the bike coming down on her right foot/ankle. Thanfully for the pannier being there as it kept the full weight off her. This morning she has a lovely black/blue mark on her right calf and ankle.

I was able to lift the bike enough for her to get out and go get the neighbor to help me upright it. Apparently when it fell, he heard the crash as it went over. So far, the damage appears to be limited to the sheared mount and the right side mirror housing scratched to hell. My handguards came loose but easily retightened. Tip over sensor kicked in and the bike didn't start once we righted it. But I turned the key off/on/off/on and let it sit on the side stand for a few minutes and it fired up.

Needless to say I'll be taking the bike to the dealer this morning to have them look at it, and see what they think as far as if it was too much weight, metal fatigue, bad weld, if Mama Kawi needs to be brought it as well and if it can be repaired.


Spool and swingarm

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