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Cry Wrc

I love to watch the WRC and being in Canada it is not easy, but thanks to the internet I can whenever.
But as I turn on my computer to watch it I am always hoping that someone else will be scrapping it out for first place. But it never seems to happen unless Loeb has a problem (almost never) the man never seems to make a mistake.
I like Solberg ever since he was with Subaru and pulled a rabbit out of his hat and won the championship. He is dedicated to the sport and works so hard to be where he is today. Given a factory ride I had hoped he would have done better, but he has made a few mistakes and bad luck seems to follow him.
Maybe it is the car and not the driver but I am not so sure anymore. They seem to be trying to level the field and make it cheaper for teams to compete and it is kinda working.
I will keep watching just to see when and if Loeb falls from grace and will Seb2 be the next???
So long Finns to win then.
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