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Originally Posted by Jonny955 View Post
The S10. according to the reviews, is the only one with an ABS system that is still usable in the dirt. even so, there are many riders who would like to be able to switch it off so it's not 100%.

Peter W, the off-road riding I have done requires that you lock wheels up (deliberately) sometimes to improve control and furrow the loose dirt in front of the bike to aid stopping. I have never met any other off-road rider (including professional instructors like Si Pavey) who advocates leaving the ABS switched on for better off-road control. I take my hat off to you!

I'm not a riding God. I lock wheels in those conditions and I usually fall off. I doubt I'm unique in that.
I'm not racing, my objective is getting from A->B without falling off, not as fast as possible.

Just grabbing a handful of brake and leaving it locked isn't going to be much use agreed - but for me at least ABS lets me use more brake than I could otherwise, which means shorter stopping distances.

All I can suggest is that you try one of the bikes with "known good" ABS, (S10, DL650, others ?) and play on a nice wide dirt road some time - I think you'll be surprised how well the ABS works.

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