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Cool2 No worries

Originally Posted by jugglingogre View Post
Took the sprocket cover off to check if it needed a degrease this arvo.....

Glad I did.

Missing one bolt completely, one is oh so loose (left) and the third (right) is moving. This could have been oh so bad. Sprocket moves if it's wiggled.

Hopefully the missing one is not snapped off and in the drive.


One bolt will work fine actually. There is no load on the bolts and the sprocket can move around on the spline without problem. Some people use a snap ring (C-clip) instead of the bolt plate. The missing bolt just fell out on the ground and it may have been many miles ago.The 14-15-16 tooth sprockets use a 3 bolt retainer generally, the 13 tooth uses a 2 bolt retainer and they all work fine. Stock has a rubber gasket for anti-rattle I believe but is not required.

The important thing is to not have the sprocket come off the shaft, which I don't know if it can with the sprocket cover on. So, no worries.
Get a new bolt and use blue loctite and you can move on to real worries like running out of gas.
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