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Riding PCX150 W.O.T for 50 miles?

Alright so I need to go to the airport and I have two options. The airport is 50 about miles away taking interstate.

I can either take the highway that tops out at 55 mph. Scooter runs comfortably at this speed with no complaints, but it will take an 1 hr 15 mins to get there.

My second option is taking I-75 doing 65 mph in the right lane at this speed we're at WOT or pushing pretty close depending on the road. This would drastically shorten my trip to under an hour.

I realize i'm already taking a risk being the slow guy on the road, but i'm curious if the scooter would be able to handle this distance. I would take a cage, but being a broke college student the scooter was more economical for most commutes.
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