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Originally Posted by kittty View Post
I've always driven Volkswagens. Started with a 1988 Fox and as new as a 2007 Rabbit. In no way do I think my Beetle replaces the original, that's not the point of it. I got the Beetle because I wanted a convertible, and I knew if I got a Cabrio I would mod the hell out of it, because I had already owned two others on the MK3 platform and I knew too much about what was available for them. I knew if I got a Beetle, I wouldn't do much beyond suspension and wheels. I didn't buy it with the intent of it being "retro," I just wanted a convertible and they're cute.

That's revealing - to me.

Now me, I started with a Super Beetle...and ENDED with the Fox. Just that vee-dubs were getting less "people," more money, and less reliable. The Fox was the ex's car; she loved it for the time we were together...three years after the purchase. She had the two-door; I lusted for a wagon. But there was serious consideration VW would leave the 1990 their sales were disastrous.

But...retro always has to have an underlying theme to it. I wouldn't go crank a car because the Model T had a crank.

Would I get a "classic" bike? HELL, NO. A "classic" American cycle had HAND SHIFTING. No-effin-WAY. Did the Japs introduce toe-shiftng, or was it the Brits? Doesn't matter...the old way SUCKED.

The "old" way had you spending a day tuning dual or triple carbs. So...should I bemoan the rise of fuel injection. FARK, NO. I CELEBRATE it.

Nostalgia can be fun. But when it costs in mileage; or demands, as in maintenance or drivability...time to end the game.

Fuel-injected, Japanese-designed, CVT-transmissioned, two-wheeled-vehicles...are where the future is at. As I see it.
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