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Originally Posted by Earl of Portchester View Post
Hi Drunk Wombat

I suppose its due to several factors. People have less disposable income due to the cost of living rising and many people in the UK having pay freezes due to the recession. The pubs are suffering from rising rent costs and I suppose the smoking ban hasn't helped. The only pubs that seem to be thriving are those that make their money on serving food.

An article in 'The Independant' said

Pubs without the room to provide an attractive outside areas for smokers, and those that are not big on food have faced particular difficulties. The move towards spirits and wine has hit the beery pub. Research shows that there has been a marked trend in the rise of "pre-loading", where drinkers, young adults mostly, buy booze from a shop and down it at home before groggily wandering off to a pub or bar, thereby spending less money on binge drinking.

Full article here

More information about the lost pubs of the UK can be found here
you arent going to mention the price of booze now?

the price of a pint has basically doubled in well under a decade. it is 3.50 now. i remember when it was 1.80 and i am only 24 years old lol
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